Welcome to Wedding Team

WeddingTeam is a marketplace and a discovery platform for wedding venues and vendors. We are a one stop shop for all your wedding/event requirements and can connect you to the right options based on your requirements. In a nut shell, we make it convenient for you to plan your event. Our platform will allow you to do three things: Find venues/vendors, you may not know of, based on your specific requirements. Not just that, we can provide you with answers to all your questions about the particular venue/vendor, including pricing information. Get availability of multiple venues/vendors at once, instead of you doing the legwork yourself. Get negotiated prices across venue/vendors categories in order to make an informed decision. We take away the hassle of individually negotiating with several venues and vendors in order to plan your event. With Weddingz.in you get that at once and make the right decision.

You can write to us at [email protected] or call us at +918287946464 and our customer service will be happy to help☺

We are an aggregator of wedding venues and services. We connect out customers to the right venue/vendor or service depending on their specific requirements or budget. We can connect customers to wedding planners if they are looking for one.

Yes we do, but currently, we do not have them listed on our website. If you are looking for one, call us and our very competent customer relations team can customize wedding packages for you at our great prices based on your budget and requirements.

Yes, we have a comprehensive listing of other wedding services and vendors including but not limited to photographers, decorators, caterers, mehendi artists, make-up artists, transport providers, entertainers, etc. Happy to put together a team of people who will make your special day a grand success.

If you like the rates we quoted and are ready to book, let us know. We will communicate to the venue/vendor and you can book directly with our negotiated rates.